Terraternity is a sustainable thematic game. You’re invited to save Terra in combating climate change in a coop or competitive mode. Play the world countries, build renewable power plants to reduce fossil-based CO2. Carbon neutralizes countries before 5 climate disasters or 10 years ends the game. A game plays around 90-120 minutes. Are you ready to save Terra?

Terraternity = Terra + eternity
Terra is the Latin word for earth, and eternity means the infinite time that never ends. We created Terraternity to raise awareness about the efforts needed to heal our planet and preserve it for future generations.
Every day we all place more CO2 on our planet without effort living our lives. In Terraternity, we created a game mechanic placing CO2 cubes on a Terra Globe. This is easy and fun, and when the game progressed, it creates challenges, tension, and hopefully awareness.