Message from the designer

Udo Neumann
Game design

Peter Varga

­­Hello Boardgamers and Fans.

We developed and designed Terraternity with sustainability in our hearts and minds. We learned that it is more effort, more costs, and much harder to make a game green – but this doesn’t stop us from creating Terraternity earth-friendly. We used recycled materials and wood from FSC certified resources. You will not find plastic meeples or miniatures, only natural products like wood, cotton and we used soy-based inks, so it is safe for our planet and for us too. Sustainability is the most significant challenge of our time. We have to take action now because there is no planet B. Wait, there is more. We did not stop manufacturing Terraternity earth-friendly. We want to offset all the CO2 we create with Terraternity and partner with to plant a tree for every game sold. This tree will offset CO2 from production and shipping. Like you have to find a strategy in the game to reduce and neutralize CO2 of your countries, we did it for the game itself.

Terraternity = Terra + eternity

Terra is the Latin word for earth, and eternity means the infinite time that never ends. We created Terraternity to raise awareness about the efforts needed to heal our planet and preserve it for future generations.

Earth was born 4.543 billion years ago, a number describing eternity in years. But in the short period that humans have existed and we have had some very negative impacts on our planet. In 2019, the average temperature was 1.1°C / 1.98°F warmer than in the preindustrial times based on the UN Report of global climate (WMO-1248*). Experts warn us that the temperature increase can grow to 2°C / 3.6°F by the end of the century. Even though this temperature change might not seem like much, it will present health hazards and disasters due to heat and pollution. We have already seen an increase in droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, and glaciers’ rapid melting. These are signals from our planet and facts we cannot ignore. It is time to act – now.

Wait – what can I do?

Small things can make a huge difference! That was why we designed a board game to create awareness, educate, and entertain while playing together. We hope you will enjoy playing Terraternity while discussing strategies to make countries CO2 neutral. But there is more to it! We will achieve a big step if we focus on our behavior. Start recycling and reduce waste in our environment—those small actions will help to reduce pollution.

If you like Terraternity and our idea to do something against climate change, please help us. Share your experience with your friends and on social media.

Thank you, and let’s play, have fun, and act sustainable.