Terraternity Game Board

Play the countries of the world and achieve a zero-carbon footprint in a 10 years time track around it

A team of Creators, Scientists, Medics and Techies will save Terra

Welcome, let us introduce what our special capabilities are.

Plan you action on your playerboard!

Let's have a detailed look!

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  • Player-Board-Medic-Female.png
  • Player-Board-Medic-Male.png
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Build Solar - Hydro - and Wind power plants.

Renewable energy sources will help us to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Workers are needed to mine resources or collect water in your countries.

As we focus on sustainability our workers are made from wood and with safe inks.

Every day we stack CO2 on our planet!

In Terraternity you need to stack black wooden CO2 on the Terra Globe.
If one is falling a disaster is created!