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Nuclear Power

As of 2015, Kazakhstan has no active nuclear power generation capacity. The country’s only nuclear power plant, the BN-350 sodium-cooled fast reactor located near Aktau in Mangystau Region, ceased generating in June 1999 after 26 years of operation and was decommissioned in 2001.

Hydro Power

Kazakhstan has abundant hydro resources, which are mainly concentrated in the eastern and southern parts of the country. Today, 15 large hydropower stations (>50 MW) with a total capacity of 2.25 GW account for up to 13 per cent of the country’s total generating capacity.

Wind Power

Currently only one wind energy plant is operating in Kazakhstan; the Kordai wind power plant with 1500 kW capacity was launched in December 2011 in Zhambyl region.

Solar Power

Kazakhstan has areas with high insolation that could be suitable for solar power, particularly in the south of the country, receiving between 2200 and 3000h of sunlight per year, which equals 1200–1700 kW/m2 annually. Both concentrated solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (PV) have potential.

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