latest up 09/2021

Nuclear Power

While Israel operates nuclear research reactors, it has no nuclear power plants. However, the possibility of constructing nuclear power plants in the country has been considered at various times over the years.

Hydro Power

As there is currently no hydropower generation in Israel, a Mediterranean Dead Sea conveyance could tap into a new energy resource and introduce pumped hydroelectric storage to create an energy reserve for peak usage while increasing Israel’s renewable energy generation to the government target of 10% of total …

Wind Power

Mey Golan was granted a license to build a $500 million and 400 MW wind farm. The project consists of about 150 turbines over an area of 140 km2 in the northeastern Golan Heights, from the Druze village Majdal Shams to moshav Alonei HaBashan. 

Solar Power

Israel, generating about 8 percent of its electricity from solar power plants nowadays, sets a goal of reaching 20 percent of its electricity from solar radiation by 2025 and 30 percent by 2030.

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