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Nuclear Power

There is one nuclear reactor in Ghana, the Ghana Research Reactor, located in Accra. In operation since 1994, it is used for research, medical, and industrial purposes, but not for generating electricity.

Hydro Power

Ghana has rich natural resources and significant hydropower potential. Total grid electricity generation in 2018 was 14,069 GWh of which 4,991 GWh (39.2 per cent) was from hydropower. This is accounted for by three hydropower stations: Akosombo (1,020 MW), Kpong (160 MW), and Bui (404 MW).

Wind Power

Ghana has a technical wind energy potential of 82.8 TWh/yearly and 6.9 TWh of total final electricity consumption yearly

Solar Power

Solar power in Bulgaria has expanded by 100 megawatts (MW) in 2011. A 16.2 MW solar power plant in Zdravetz, Bulgaria was expected to be completed in June 2012, with power being sold for $0.30/kWh in a fixed rate 20 year power purchase agreement.

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