latest up 09/2021

Nuclear Power

Russia and Ethiopia have agreed to cooperate on a program intended to give Addis Ababa the ability to begin work on a nuclear power station within 10 years.

Hydro Power

Ethiopia has the second-largest hydropower potential in Africa, with only 10% developed to date but nonetheless covering 90% of the nation’s electricity demand. Currently, the installed capacity is about 4,330 MW of hydro, but more than 6,600 MW are under construction. By 2020, about 14,000 MW could be in operation.

Wind Power

According to a Wood Mackenzie forecast, around 2GW of wind power would be installed in Ethiopia by 2029. The wind farm will be made up of 29 SG3. … Ethiopia has many renewable resources covering wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass, and the country aspires to be a power hub and the battery for the Horn of Africa.

Solar Power

Ethiopia is thought to have about 5 MW of off-grid solar. Almost all current solar power is used for telecommunications. As of 2018, Ethiopia had launched the National Electrification Program which aimed for 65% of the population to be grid-connected by 2025.

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