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Nuclear Power

Ecuador does not have nuclear power plants or technology to produce nuclear energy. … Both Venezuela and Ecuador oppose Colombia’s plans to sign a military cooperation agreement with the United States that would give Washington access to up to seven Colombian military bases.

Hydro Power

In 2006, hydropower represented 44 per cent of energy production with 1,640 MW installed capacity. Ecuador took the decision to exploit its hydropower potential, estimated at more than 20,000 MW, to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuel and foster economy growth.

Wind Power

Two important projects for wind generation in Ecuador are Wind Energy Project Las Chinchas and Villonaco Wind Power. As of 2019, the installed capacity of onshore wind energy in Ecuador was 21.15 MW. … Wind speeds averaging 8.4 m/s (V-II) and 10.9 m/s (V-III) are expected to generate a combined 385 GWh/year of energy.

Solar Power

During 2018, Ecuador has a solar install capacity of around 26 MW, with an electricity generation capacity of nearly 41GWh. Ecuador’s renewable energy contributes nearly 0.7% of the total energy mix. … As a result, investors/developers are expected to focus on the commercial viability of solar projects.

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