Nuclear Power

At present, Algeria does not have nuclear power plants in operation or under construction. The country operates however the following main nuclear installations: The Nur Reactor: it is a 1MW, MTR fuel, light water moderated, pool-type reactor.

Hydro Power

About 50 dams are currently operational, and the combined capacity of the largest 13 dams is roughly 269 MW (REEEP, 2012). Installed capacity and production in 2011 was 278 MW (WEC, 2013). Environmental factors that restrict the uptake of hydropower are poor rainfall, high levels of evaporation, and quick evacuation to the sea. Klick here for more details

Wind Power

Wind development may be slower to take off due to lower levels of competition than solar. This partly stems from the fact that wind power is less profitable, varying as it does according to wind speed, which in Algeria is relatively moderate, at an annual average of 9.7 km per second.

Solar Power

Algeria holds one of the highest solar potentials in the world, which is estimated at 13.9 TWh per year. The country receives annual sunshine exposure equivalent to 2,500 KWh/m2. Daily solar energy potential varies from 4.66 kWh/m2 in the north to 7.26 kWh/m2 in the south.

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