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Nuclear Power

The Czech Republic operates two nuclear power plants: Temelín and Dukovany. In 2010 there were government and corporate moves to expand Czech nuclear power

Hydro Power

Czechia has some 2.2 GW of installed hydropower capacity and a yearly production of about 2,000 GWh, making the Czech hydropower market relatively small. The technically feasible hydropower potential is only about 3.380 GWh/year, of which some 60% has already been developed.

Wind Power

Currently, there are 200 wind turbines in the Czech Republic. Altogether they are capable of producing just 1 percent of the nation’s energy consumption.

Solar Power

Clean energy supplies 15.6% of the nation’s electricity. Havlicek said solar power would be expected to contribute 1.9 GW of new generation capacity by 2030. Czechia had around 2,080 MW of solar installed at the end of 2019 but of that figure, only 7 MW was added last year and only around 30 MW in the last five years.

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