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Nuclear Power

Colombia has a single nuclear reactor that was activated in 1965, deactivated in 1997, and re-ignited in 2007. It is part of the Institute of Geology and Mining and has the function “to examine the quality and quantity of biological resources such as oil, gold, and coal in Colombia”.

Hydro Power

Colombia has the third largest installed hydropower capacity in South America, at 11726 MW. The sector makes up 70 percent of national installed energy

Wind Power

Colombia has an estimated theoretical wind power potential of 21 GW just in the Guajira Department—enough to generate sufficient power to meet the national demand almost twice over. However, the country only has an installed capacity of 19.5 MW of wind energy, tapping only 0.4% of its theoretical wind potential.

Solar Power

At present, Colombia has 80.5 MW of installed solar power, including plants for on-site consumption, and a 18.42 MW of operating wind power from one wind farm, according to figures from XM Compania de Expertos en Mercados, operator of the Colombian national interconnected system

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