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Nuclear Power

Cameroon – Alternative and nuclear energy as a share of total energy use. In 2014, alternative and nuclear energy use for Cameroon was 4.6 %. Though Cameroon alternative and nuclear energy use fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1995 – 2014 period ending at 4.6 % in 2014.

Hydro Power

Cameroon has an immense hydropower potential of about 115,000 GWh/year, of which only about 4% has been developed so far. The total electricity consumption in 2015 was about 6,500 GWh, increasing by an estimated 6.5% per year. The development of hydropower plants is crucial to meet this growing energy demand.

Wind Power

The wind energy sector is not well-known and the country has no previous experience in wind power generation. Despite the rising interest, wind power remains irrelevant in comparison with hydropower which currently contributes at the level of 742 MW to the national electricity production.

Solar Power

Cameroon 2020 Photovoltaic Power Project targets grid-unconnected rural villages as well as grid-connected urban underserved populations. This program is planning to develop 500 MW of installed PV capacity throughout the country for a production of 750 GWh (roughly 1500 MWh/yr for an installed capacity of 1 MW)

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