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Nuclear Power

Belarus plans to have its first nuclear power plant, Ostrovets, operating in 2020. Atomstroyexport is building the 2400 MWe plant.

Hydro Power

In 2008, the hydropower plants in Belarus generated around 3% of the potential national hydropower supply and accounted for over 0.13% of electric energy produced in Belarus by plants of all types.

Wind Power

At the beginning of 2019, wind power provided about 0.3% of the total electricity generation of Belarus. The country has already identified 1640 points where it is possible to install wind power plants, although the wind speed over the territory of Belarus is on average no more than 3.5–5 m/s, and for the economic benefit of wind turbines it should reach 7–12 m/s

Solar Power

In 2018, the Belarusian government planned to install 250 megawatts (MW) of new solar power installations in the country by 2020. The government of Belarus also started using its land, which was affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear accident as a place to install a solar power plant.

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