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Nuclear Power

Bulgaria has two nuclear reactors generating about one-third of its electricity. · Bulgaria’s first commercial nuclear power reactor began operating in 1974.

Hydro Power

Hydroelectricity is a major form of energy supply in Bulgaria. The country’s HEP stations have over a quarter of the country’s entire installed capacity for electricity production (2 713 MW of a total of 9 728 MW, or 27.9%).

Wind Power

Bulgaria has 700 MW of wind power installed today, covering 4% of its electricity demand. Last year, wind power overtook coal as the second-largest power capacity in the EU, providing now more than 10.4% of the EU’s electricity demand. Wind power is not only abundant but also competitive in Bulgaria today.

Solar Power

Solar power in Bulgaria has expanded by 100 megawatts (MW) in 2011. A 16.2 MW solar power plant in Zdravetz, Bulgaria was expected to be completed in June 2012, with power being sold for $0.30/kWh in a fixed rate 20 year power purchase agreement.

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