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Nuclear Power

Argentina has three nuclear reactors generating about 5% of its electricity. Its first commercial nuclear power reactor began operating in 1974. A small locally-designed power reactor prototype, CAREM25, is under construction. A further reactor is to be built by China National Nuclear Corporation.

Hydro Power

The gross theoretical hydro potential of Argentina has been estimated in 169,000 GWh/year while the technically feasible potential is 130,000 GWh/year. Only the 25% of this technically feasible potential had been developed at present.

Wind Power

Argentina will add 14.8GW new power capacity during 2021–2030. From the total new capacity added, almost 11.9GW of capacity is expected to be achieved by renewable sources, of which 7.2GW is expected to be sourced from onshore wind

Solar Power

In 2019, solar power accounted for more than 18.5% of total renewable power in Argentina, with the majority being generated through solar PV. Further, under RenovAr Program, the country plans to add 10,000 MW of renewable power to the grid by 2025.

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